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1986 was the year in which our group began to serve the wholesale and retail trade sectors with cleaning supplies in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey. Subsequently, in 2017, we established TemaPLAST for the production of all kinds of plastic-based bags TemaPLAST produces the PONTI brand of plastic bags with 32 years of sector experience and accumulated knowhow; our eco-friendly product range of garbage bags, medical waste bags, industrial waste bags and private-label-branded bags is in 24/7 production in our state-of-the-art production facility TemaPLAST, which is respectful of nature and has acquired a reputation for quality, can meet all kinds of plastic bag needs in a timely manner. We produce 25,000 tons per year. Our company, which utilizes the latest technological advances in the production cycle, adopts an environmentally friendly production philosophy by using recycled raw materials
Our Company was initially founded in 2002, under the name “Aybal Plastic Industries and Trading LLC”, to engage in its core activities at its principal place, where it currently operates, at the addre
Started to work in 1997, DENIZ PLASTIK CO. LTD. has taken its place today in the plastics industry thanks to the steps it has taken since its establishment and the conscious leaps it has made. We are producing various kinds of PE bags ( located at Adana City in Turkey), you can check our factory and products. We are able to produce plastic bags with different colours, dimensions, tightness and qualities. HDPE and LDPE. We can meet your special demands about all kinds of PE plastic bags, garbage bags, t-shirt bags. We have our own recyling facilities that producing the PE granules by ourselves, so the material is smooth and pure, samples are available to see our quality. We are already exporting to several countries and would like to offer our products to worldwide. So that we are looking for new esteemed partners to cooperate.
Adanus Plastic started it's operations in the plastics industry in 1988. Since 1988 Adanus Plastic has been a big share in this sector. Initially facility established to make recycling plastic, over time facility concentrated on producing packaging materials, film production for import and export. It's own, capable of producing daily 40 tons of products. After 2000's facilty have opened abroad and 90% of products is translated into export. Mission While Adanus Plastic was producing, purposes common utulity from supplier until consumer at framework of respect for nature and human. While the production, care to leave a clean and livable environment. Our products are product of recycling contribute to the environment. Vision Aiming at customer satisfaction ; producing higher value - added products, to turn to export, to create a more stable market and to be brand as Adanus Plastic.
Our Company “Dogaplast Geri Donusum Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Sti. (Dogaplast Recycling Industry and Trade Ltd ) has been successfully carried out within the framework of waste collection rules and In accordance with the Packaging Waste Control Regulation the container system and has gained a favorable reputation among its customers. The Solid wastes that we have gained in the country’s economy are safely collected and transported to our recycling facilities with great sacrifice by our company “Dogaplast Geri Donusum Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Sti. (Dogaplast Recycling Industry and Trade Ltd ). Our company is also engaged in buying and selling of scrap paper, scrap cardboard-box-corrugated cardboard, scrap plastic, scrap material, scrap waste while continuing its activities with buying and selling scrap in Eskisehir, Mersin and other countries.
NAYMAN COMPANIES GROUP Nayman A.S. started commercial life with the distribution of U.I.P. and Warner Bross companies in 1980 with The Nayman family. In 1983, they opened cinema halls and headed to